While I should be writing

It’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it

My next novel is going to be published in Sweden in late August (the preliminary English title is Pine Away Motel and Cabins, publication date so far unknown), so right now I’m in the final stages of editing. I love this part of being a writer, when you get to work on a story that already has a beginning, middle and end and when even small changes has big effects.

That being said, it is even better to send in your manuscript and just kick back, knowing that the editor is the one that has to do all the work for a while. And no one can say I didn’t plan it well: an unprecedented summer heat wave arrived just as I had sent in my manuscript. So while my poor editor sweats away, I get to go swimming and read in the grass (so called “research”).

No one said this life was fair.

PS. I had ice cream as well, but I ate it before I had time to photograph it.