While I should be writing

The first hitch

“To: Court, Louise (@randomhouse)
From: katarina@katarinabivald.se
Subject: Re: February Tour – Itinerary

Dear Louise,

The itinerary looks great, and I’m really looking forward to finally meeting you! However, I do have a slight problem. Is it possible to send books to your office by post during my travel, and then collect them in London before flying back to Sweden?


Ten minutes earlier:
Me, sitting in the sofa, reading Mansfield Park, to my sister, sitting next to me with her embroidery: “I’ll really have to travel lightly with all those buses and train rides.”
My sister: “Mhm?”
Me: “Yes, but I think it will be quite fun, actually. I’ll have to plan the packing, not just throwing as many clothes as I can fit in to the suitcase, but selecting a few sweaters and jeans, making sure everything matches…. keeping everything down to a minimum, you know.”
My sister, barely looking up from her embroidery, the “s” in Art sucks that she was currently working on: “But what are you going to do about the books?”
Me: “…”

So my new plan:
– Send books ahead by post
– Possibly ship them to Sweden, or
– Buy new suitcase in London for them (note: 23 kg)
– Introduce strict one book-rule: even if shipping the books, I am going to have to enforce some sort of limitation.

One book per bookshop. It’s going to be fine. Really. Maybe even fun. A sort of creative handicap.

Absolutely no problem.